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David Toribio
Born in Barcelona SPAIN – 11 jun 1973


  • SPANISH – First language
  • CATALAN – Second with level like first
  • ENGLISH – Technical English and excellent compression of technical documentation.

Experience in IT/ISP systems until 1996 :

  • Networking: BGP-Multihomed, Cisco 7500,7200,Quagga,Vyatta, switch Layer2&3
  • Linux – administration LAMP and Virtualization environment, installation Redhat/Fedora/Centos
  • Systems: Plesk,Virutozzo,cacti,openads,perl,php,mysql,Backup/restore scripting,DNS.
  • Large experience like a Parallels Partner.

I can be deployment and ISP from level 0 to working level. I’m for 13 years in a little ISP in Spain with full responsibility in all areas.

Software Development

I development software to the year 1996 and later time to time I do something in PHP to complement another solutions.

Complementary knowledgement

Long experience in Data-center problem resolution, electrical question, air flow problems, interconnections requirements.


Jobs where I can be provide value 

  1. typical ISP environment where need someone of full vision of the business, installation, maintenance, resolution.
  2. virtualization environment, implementation, tuning, last level of support, especially with Parallels solutions






Detailed CV in Spanish with detailed academic information and related Jobs and projects.

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